Monday, July 22, 2013

There's plenty of the summertime left, right? I should start this off making excuses for lack of updates, but I just don't have any. Do you ever feel incredibly busy, yet nothing seems to get done? Yea, that's what I feel like. Going down the highway yesterday, I glanced over and saw a new sign, one I usually don't spot till late summer/early fall: Halloween City. Between this and all the school supplies in stores, I'm wondering if the summer really is coming to an end. My to-do: Solidify those homeschool plans! (Looking into a curriculum for math, lots of reading, want to creatively work in writing. We'll push on with Story of the World and we have tons of resources for science. I'd like to pin down some specific interests from the kids.) Commit to daily exercise. Been going good since May, but this past week with vacation stuff going on, I'm dragging. (I know, why didn't I blog about letting that go to the wayside when it happened...Last Fall!?!) Write a whole heck of a lot more. It doesn't have to be here. It doesn't have to be about kids. It will make me feel better if I do it though. Kick this "mid life crisis"/bummed out in general feeling. (Hey, I'm nearing that "half way point" in life). Find a way to be creative. This is really important, but I'm struggling to figure it out. Come Fall, I hope to do more updating about homeschooling. I kept everything in a calendar last year, and it really helped with records keeping and showing progress throughout the year. Here I could do better with visuals.

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